.travis.yml - Travis CI test setup

This is a very basic configuration for Travis to run CI tests on this package.

language: python
python: 3.7
dist: xenial

    - /pyup\/.*/


We need pip>=18.0 to handle the extra requirements below.

  - python -m pip install 'pip>=18.0'

When installing, include dependencies needed to run tests.

  - pip install .[test]


Run test the suite of our package. (Here we use pytest, but of course you might use any other way to run the tests.)

  - pytest tests/test_basic.py

Run all discoverable PyInstaller tests which are in a package starting with pyi_hooksample.. The final period is important – this ensures we only get pyi_hooksample.<name>, instead of pyi_hooksample_oops.

  - python -m PyInstaller.utils.run_tests --include_only pyi_hooksample.